On August 28th Governor Kate Brown signed HB 2017, the largest transportation funding package in Oregon history.  The bill, which passed the Oregon Legislature with strong bipartisan support, will raise 5.3 billion dollars over the next ten years for infrastructure, but more importantly, will provide stable funding for transportation providers throughout the state.

The Oregon Transit Association (OTA), Oregon Transportation Forum (OTF) and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) worked tirelessly in making sure that transit was included in this historic legislation.

HB2017 creates a Statewide Transit Improvement Fund (STIF) that will improve transportation services to better meet the needs of communities, including more frequent service and new routes in urban areas, new or expanded service in rural areas, along with improved intercity connections and enhanced services to meet the needs of Oregonians throughout the state. 

Dedicated, stable funding from a $.001 employee payroll tax will generate approximately $75-85 million per year.  The tax will start being collected in July 2018, and distribution is expected to begin in 2019.

Click Here to go to the STIF Resources Page for samples of presentation materials, advisory committee bylaws and descriptions, checklists, and other helpful information.