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Benton County Commissioners Briefing Memo

A 4/4/18 memo to the Benton County Board of Commissioners summarizing key tasks that the county must do to receive STIF funding, the current status of administrative rulemaking, and recommendations for next steps that must be taken.

Benton County STIF Advisory Committee Job Description

A one-page summary of the mission, responsibilities, term of office, qualifications, and appointment process of the Benton County STIF Advisory Committee.

Benton County STIF Advisory Committee Bylaws

A nine-page document with detailed bylaws for the Benton County STIF Advisory Committee

STIF Implementation Schedule

A one-page document presenting the scheduled steps for implementing STIF funding.

PowerPoint Presentation to Benton County Commissioners re HB 2017

A 14-slide presentation to the Benton County Board of Commissioners explaining details of HB 2017 and necessary steps to receive STIF funding.

STIF Administrative Rules Checklist

A four-page document prepared by Benton County summarizing requirements of the administrative rules for implementation of STIF funding.

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