Board of Directors

About the OTA Board of Directors... 

According to the Oregon Transit Association Bylaws, Article 4, Section 1; the OTA Board of Directors shall consist of a representative from the following dues paying members as shown: 

  • 1 from TriMet
  • 1 from Cherriots
  • 1 from Lane Transit District
  • 1 from Rogue Valley Transportation District
  • 1 from Basin Transit Service Transportation District
  • 1 from Cascades East Transit
  • 2 from transportation district with popluations of less than 50,000
  • 2 from City, County, Municipal Governement or federally recognized Indian Tribe in Oregon
  • 2 from a Private, Non Profit Organization
  • 1 from a Private, for Profit Organization
  • 1 from a Rural Transportation Provider
  • 1 member At Large
  • 1 from Transportation Options Group of Oregon
  • The Administrator of the Oregon Public Transit Division

If there is no representative willing to serve as a Director in any of those members listed in this section, the position or positions may be filled by the Board of Directors from members at large until the next election.  Board of Directors terms shall be for a period of two years.