OTA Objectives

Who We Are

In 1978, Oregon’s three major public transit districts established the Oregon Transit Association as a nonprofit association to represent them at our State Capitol. Today, the OTA claims many members throughout the state. OTA members support activities of this professional organization through the payment of annual dues. Dues vary according to membership category:

  • Mass Transit District
  • For Profit Providers
  • Vendors
  • Transportation Districts
  • Nonprofit Provider
  • Businesses
  • Associates
  • Cities and Counties
  • Individuals

Each category of membership is represented on the OTA Board of Directors.


Our Purpose

The purpose of the Association is to assist members in the development and improvement of efficient, safe and convenient transportation services, techniques and methods, facilities and equipment. We do so by:

  • Providing assistance with professional development and management through educational programs, technical assistance and networking opportunities;
  • Initiating research, investigation and information development and distribution to improve public transportation;
  • Formulating & promoting legislation of common interest to providers statewide;
  • Promoting effective communication between governmental bodies, agencies and providers;
  • Cooperating with and contributing recommendations to the Oregon Congressional delegation and APTA; and
  • All other things necessary and proper for the benefit of transportation providers within the state


Continuously evolving, the OTA encourages all members to participate in the development of the association and its goals. Activities that help us to meet our objectives include:

  • Annual Oregon Transportation Conference
  • Legislative Days at the Capitol
  • Monthly Board of Directors meetings open to everyone
  • Grassroots efforts including mobilization and education on state, local and federal issues
  • A website dedicated to keeping members informed

We Welcome New Members

Our ideas, our programs and our effectiveness grow with increased membership. You can help us and yourself by joining the OTA. Please ask for an Application for Membership, then join us a we work toward better transit in Oregon.